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          China Minmetals Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Minmetals) was established as the result of a strategic recombination of two Fortune Global 500 companies – the former China Minmetals and the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC). In 2020, its revenue reached RMB 703.9 billion. In 2021, it ranked 65th among the Fortune Global 500 companies, Headquartered in Beijing, China Minmetals has nine listed companies, including MCC (601618.SH, 1618.HK) publically listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, six mainland-listed companies, namely, Minmetals Capital (600390.SH), Minmetals Rare Earth (000831.SZ), Minmetals Development (600058.SH), China Tungsten High-tech (000657.SZ), and Zhuzhou Smelter Group (600961.SH), Changyuan Lico(688779.SH)as well as Minmetals Resources (1208.HK) and Minmetals Land (0230.HK) listed in Hong Kong. By the end of 2020, the total assets had reached RMB 983 billion.

          China Minmetals takes “the world-class powerhouse in the metals and minerals industry” as its vision. Strategically, it positions itself as “a main force to ensure security of resources; a national team to upgrade the metallurgical industry; an integrated service provider in the industry.” China Minmetals has taken the lead in operating across the whole industry chain from resource acquisition and exploration to project design, construction, operation, distribution, and further processing in the global metals and minerals sector. It has formed a business system featured by “four beams and eight columns.” The four beams consist of metals and minerals, metallurgical construction, trade and logistics, and finance and real estate. The “eight columns” are composed of mineral development, metallic materials, new energy materials, metallurgical engineering, basic construction, trade and logistics, financial services, and real estate development.

          In the field of metals and minerals, we possess rich reserves of metals and minerals. We have 42 mines in total, including 15 overseas mines located in Asia, Oceania, South America, and Africa, etc. The output of zinc is among the global top 10, and the resources of tungsten, antimony, and bismuth are among the top list in the world.

          In the field of metallurgical engineering construction, we have world-class metallurgical construction enterprises, which have successively undertaken the planning, investigation, design, and construction projects of major production facilities of large and medium-sized domestic steel enterprises. They are the pioneers and main forces of China’s steel industry. Since the beginning of the new century, we have entered the international market by relying on our strong technological advantages. We have undertaken the design and construction of main large and medium-sized greenfield steel projects in the world in recent years, such as the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Project in Vietnam, Malaysia’s Kuantan united steel project, India’s TATA steel project, and ArcelorMittal’s project in Ukraine. We have developed core technical advantages and design and construction capabilities throughout all links to make great strides towards the goal of building the world’s No. 1 national team of metallurgical construction. Meanwhile, relying on the advantages of high-tech construction developed in the field of metallurgical construction for many years, China Minmetals, one of the first batch of construction enterprises and design units designated by the country to support Shenzhen’s construction, has completed the first edition of Shenzhen’s urban design planning, created the “Shenzhen Speed” in the construction of China’s first public bidding project, and accomplished the overall development and construction of several new urban areas. As such, it is a well-known expert in all-round solutions of urban construction in China. In terms of emerging strategic industries, the company has laid out six major business areas in advance, such as underground utility tunnels, sponge cities, and special-theme engineering, thus forming significant competitive advantages.

          In the field of trade and logistics, the company has a global network for trade flows, with global purchasing, global marketing, and the flowing scale of metallic and mineral products leading domestically.

          In the field of finance and real estate, we have a number of financing licenses, with significant advantages in trust, leasing, securities, futures, finance companies, and funds. China Minmetals is among the first batch of 16 central state-owned enterprises with real estate as their main business determined by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Minmetals Land and MCC Real Estate under China Minmetals enjoy high popularity.

          We have outstanding capabilities for technological innovation. By the end of 2020, we have 14 established research and design institutions, 41 state-level sci-tech and R&D platforms such as the national key laboratory, 29,000 sci-tech personnel, and more than 80,000 professionals. They hold 35,000 valid patents in total and serve as editor-in-chief/editor to formulate more than 1,400 national and international standards. We are one of the top central state-owned enterprises in terms of scientific and technological strength.

          Entering a new era, all staff members of China Minmetals are embracing the philosophy of cherishing limited resources and pursuing sustainable development, proactively practicing the enterprise spirit of never falling behind schedule or getting slack, and striving to play the role of a state-owned capital investment company in the field of metals and minerals so as to make unremitting efforts to build a world-class metals and minerals corporation.

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