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          • China Metallurgical Group Corporation
          • China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd
          • China Minmetals Non-Ferrous Metals Holding Co.,Ltd
          • Minmetals Development Co.,Ltd
          • Minmetals Capital Co.,Ltd
          • Minmetals Land Limited
          • Minmetals Mining Holdings Limited
          • Minmetals Luzhong Mining Co.,Ltd
          • China Tungsten And Hightech Materials Co.,Ltd
          • Changsha Research Institute Of Mining And Metallurgy Co.,Ltd
          • Hunan Changyuan Lico Co.,Ltd
          • Minmetals Exploration & Development Co.,Ltd
          • Minmetals Finance Co.,Ltd
          • China Minmetals H.K.(Holdings) Limited
          • Minmetals Innovative Investment Co.,LTD
          • Minmetals(Beijing) Assets Management Company
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